How To Have Straighter And Silkier Hair Without Spending Money



Healthy and beautiful hair is the crowning glory of every woman.  Having a straight and silky hair is a desire of a lot of women. If you wish to have straight hair without damaging your lustrous locks, you can try some natural remedies.


However, not every woman gets to have it and many turn to hair straightening products.

But, not all of these products are healthy for your hair and can definitely cause more damage than good.

Below you can find 3 natural remedies for hair straightening:

  1. Beer

Beer contains proteins like malt and hops. Proteins that can help treat your damaged hair.

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After washing your hair, apply some beer on your hair and massage it for a while. Leave the beer on for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil nourishes your hair and can restore that moisture.

Start with massaging your hair with warm coconut oil. When you finish, wrap your hair with a towel and let it stay for 30 minutes. After that, just wash it off your hair.

  1. Eggs

Eggs contain proteins and fatty acids that can help repair your unhealthy hair.

You can make a mixture by mixing 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of honey and some olive oil. Mix them well until you get a paste. Apply this paste on your hair and let it on for 30 minutes. After that, just wash it off with cold water and shampoo.

As it goes with all natural remedies, they are making slow progress towards your goal. Nonetheless, they are natural and homemade, free of any chemicals that might damage your hair. One of the most important things is hair care regime. You have to establish one and follow it. After a while, you will notice a difference in your hair’s health and look.


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