You Have ‘M’ On The Palm, See What It Means



As it turns out, that seemingly mess of creases that rests in the palm of your hand actually has a lot to say about who we are as people.  Specifically, if you have the letter ‘M’ in the lines on the palm of your hand, you’re probably a little more special than most people.


The letter ‘M’ is found when the major lines on your palm, known as the heart, head and life lines, are all in alignment.  Palmistry is an ancient art whose origins have been traced back thousands of years to India, where it stems from Hindu astrology and is first mentioned in the Chinese book the ‘I Ching.

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The ‘M’ marking is seen as a blessing of good fortune and can  also be indicative of a successful career because of their strong self-motivation and discipline.

People with the marking are thought to be gifted in their careers, and great judges of character, as they easily see through lies and can almost always tell if someone is lying or cheating.

While the marking does represent both positive personality traits and gifts, hand-dominance does play a role.

For right-handed people, the lines of your left hand indicate the character traits, personality and destiny you are born with.  For left-handed people the opposite is true.

These findings are only significant to those who believe in Palmistry and spirituality; for those who do not believe they will likely hold an entirely different view of the topic, with many being convinced that everyone has the letter ‘M’ on their palm.


Video Source: Karen Lustrup
Source: myhealthymag


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