What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality



According to some scientific researches, especially in Japan, a person’s blood type can be related with some facts about their temperament, risk of getting sick or some characteristics. The Japanese scientists are in this area of study since 1930 from the last century, and, even though you can never get the exact results you want, these researches will give us some interesting results which we will try to describe them in this post.


Blood Type O

The Japanese Institute of Technology, through lots of researches, came up to a conclusion that people who have blood type 0 have more chances to attract specific kinds of mosquitoes than the people with other blood types.

They are also less resilient to stress, because the hormone cortisol lasts longer in their organism and it can also speed up the aging process. People with this blood type are described as sociable and open minded.

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Blood Type A

According to the magazine Neuropsychobiology, people with blood type A have more inclination for obsessive compulsive disorders.

They are also considered to be the most persistent people from all the blood types, intelligent and restrained.

Blood Type B

People with blood type B, according to the Japanese scientists, are fascinating people, because they are the most contradictory persons from all blood types.

They can be creative, passionate and strong, but they can be also selfish and unpredictable.

Blood Type AB

According to the information’s published in the magazine Neurology, the blood type AB increases the risk of problems and difficulties in memorizing through the years. When they tested older people, they’ve noticed that the ones with blood type AB have problems with learning and memorizing information’s.

People with this blood type show great compassion for their environment, and they are also capable to adjust to every situation without losing their individuality.


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