This Beauty Hacks Really Work – See Them, Use Them


Stuff happens, its unavoidable sometimes. What’s important is how you react to the beauty emergencies, the key is to stay calm and level headed and with these beauty hacks it will be easy to handle those beauty emergencies.


1. Forgot To Put On Deodorant

Its happened to the best of us, you rush out the door and then realize you forgot to put on deodorant. Don’t worry just use a damp towelette to wipe down your underarms and then apply some hand sanitizer to the area.

2. Bobby-Pin Substitute

Need a bobby-pin badly, but don’t have or can’t find one, don’t worry you can use a paper-clip. Just open a paper clip and form it in the shape of a “V” and use it like you would an open hairpin.

3. Bad-Breath Fixer

Have bad breath, but no breath mints? That’s ok just grab a delicious apple which contains pectin which is a natural odor killer.

4. De-Grease and De-Shine

A shiny T-zone isn’t uncommon, and not everyone walks around with blot strips on hand. There is a quick and simple solution for handling that shiny T-zone, just dab on some hand sanitizer on it and the shine is gone.

5. Eye-Bag Reliever

To relieve bags just place two metal spoons in the freezer, until they get cold and a little frosty. Then place them on the top of your eyelids(curved side down) for a few minute. The coldness shrinks the vessels and the bags.

6. Dry-Shampoo Replacement

If you forgot your dry shampoo or ran out, no biggie. You can use translucent face powder which works just as well, just make sure you brush it really well to blend the powder.

7. Self Tanner Streak Remover

Those self tanner can be such a pain especially when your done applying it and then see your have streaks. Don’t panic just jump into a pool, the chlorine in the water will help remove the color.

8. New Lip Balm

Extra virgin olive oil will be your new lip balm believe it or not, it is packed full of antioxidants and is naturally moisturizing.

9. Blemish Buster

Visine doesn’t just get the red out of your eyes, soak a cotton ball with eye drop liquid and place it on the zit and just leave it there for a few mins, it will constrict the blood vessels in the pimple which will reduce the redness.

10 Ran Out of Toothpaste

When you can’t squeeze that tube of toothpaste anymore, don’t worry there is a way to still brush your teeth. Just mix together baking soda and water it will hold you off until your able to get more toothpaste.

11. Fixing A Chipped Nail

You chipped your nail and you don’t have a nail file, of course. Just find a matchbook and use the back of it to gently file the chipped nail down.


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