Nightly Trick to Reset Your Body’s Circulation


The circulation of blood around the body is key to your health.

Age, medical conditions such as diabetes and immobility can affect your circulation and make it difficult for your body to return blood to the heart from the legs and feet.


This can result in foot and leg pain, swollen feet and ankles and cramp.

There are many different ways to improve your blood circulation – including adding to your diet those foods that are renowned for their circulation-boosting properties (oranges, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic).There are lots of other things you can do to improve your circulation, simple daily exercise – from heel-toe raises you can do at home, to getting out for a walk or a swim – giving up smoking, keeping warm in winter and avoiding wearing restrictive clothing.

Nightly Trick to Reset Your Body’s Circulation

Try the natural relaxation effects of reflexology. By stimulating reflex points on your feet, reflexology subtly impacts the whole body, affecting the organs and glands.

With some patience, you can learn to read a chart that will show you where the reflex points on your feet correspond to specific areas of your body’s anatomy.

Using the chart above, here’s a 15-minute routine in four easy steps that you can incorporate into your bedtime ritual:

1. Start with the toes. Start by massaging (you should massage with the rotating thumb technique) the bottom of your big toe. Then, slowly move to the tip of your toe. Repeat the process with your remaining toes.

2. Cup your hand around the top of your foot. Massage the foot from left to right on both sides. Then, massage from top to bottom on both sides.

3. Massage your right foot. Once you’ve finished with your left foot, repeat the same process with your right foot.

4. Massage the tops and bottoms of your feet. Move on to the tops and sides of your feet. This is where your knowledge of foot reflexology is most useful.

If you have abdominal problems, focus on the arch of your foot as well as the area above the waist line (the stomach is primarily located on the left foot).

If you have issues with your liver and gull bladder, focus mostly on the right foot. If you’re having issues with the kidney, focus on your ankles and heel.


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