He Cured Himself Of Periodontal Disease: Man Shared His Experience And Recipes With Us


Periodontitis is a disease of the teeth that damages the gums, but not only the meat but also bones and other structures of the teeth and around the teeth. Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) is only an early symptom of major problems.


Periodontitis can be really healed completely, if you have the right medicine and treat it persistently and on time, which can prevent many other diseases, including tooth loss.

The experience of this man from Germany was so positive that people started following his example, and so can you.

“I cured myself completely of periodontitis and I would like to share the experience with you. My dentist has actually remained very amazed with the progress that I have achieved independently. The drug is available, inexpensive and natural – it is the juice of the lemon.

The last six months I have constantly drank lemon juice mixed with water, even 2-3 or 4 whole lemons every day. So, I have not gargled in the mouth but I swallowed it. Lemon makes the body alkaline, even it is acidic.

The bacteria that cause periodontitis don’t like and run away from alkaline organisms and by the decline of these bacteria the disease stops and healing begins. The teeth meat becomes stronger, healthier, there is no inflammation, nor withdrawal. I guarantee success, just listen to me because it really works. “


Source: healthonlinecentral


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Written by Martin

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