New Discovery by Dr. Jeremy: How to REGROW Teeth in Your Mouth in 9 Weeks


Everyone knows that there are dental implants that make our lives much easier and benefit us a lot. They are an excellent solution for filling the gap that we have to deal with after taking out a tooth or more.


The professionals in the field of dentistry have made numerous discoveries and there has been a pretty amazing development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classic implants and dentures. Those discoveries and developments offer us an opportunity to grow brand new, genuine teeth in the oral cavity.

How to regenerate teeth in oral cavity

A research was conducted by the Columbia University with Dr. Jeremy Mao as the lead investigator and something incredible was discovered. Dr. Jeremy Mao has made a scaffold for teeth which contains the stem cells in the body. Using their DNA, he succeeded in regenerating new teeth. This discovery of the modern technology promises a bright future when it comes to dental care.

Possible problems with dental implants

As we mentioned previously, the dental implants are a pretty easy and efficient way to replace one or more teeth we have lost. However, no matter how good replacement they are, it is possible that they can lead to certain issues and complications. These complications are the commonest ones that implants can cause:

  • the dental implants are pretty expensive
  • it is possible that the body rejects the dental implants
  • you might end up with gum damage if your dentist does not have enough experience with dental implants
  • they can cause infections and you will need to remove them afterwards
  • the dental implants may connect with the jawbone badly

These are the most common dental implant complications that indicate that in case that something goes wrong, you may end up with pain and discouragement and loss of money and time.

Regenerating your teeth – Benefits

Do you think that there is a way thanks to which you will avoid the long, painful process of extracting the teeth? Well, the answer is – yes, as the modern technology gives us a chance to grow our own teeth in nine weeks only. This process takes nine weeks exactly. It is a device that needs to be placed on the missing tooth area and accepted by the body. This implant method is especially excellent because it uses good materials as a replacement for the missing tooth or teeth. Simply put, stem cells from your own body are used for replacing the missing tooth. Then, the tooth becomes one with the surrounding tissue. It is that simple. This will enhance the process of regeneration and it will result in pretty quick recovery.

Can you use this procedure?

This procedure is not available to everyone yet. It is still being researched and it needs to be approved by the medical authorities. Over the past few decades, there have been numerous improvements of the dental implants, which is very promising when it comes to healthier and more natural replacement of your missing teeth. The more recent discoveries and improvements decrease the amount of time needed for recovery, as well as the chances of being rejected.

This news are excellent, promising and provide a new hope especially to those who are missing a tooth or more teeth. If you liked this post, please share it with your family and friends. Thanks.


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