How To Solve All Your Skin Problems Overnight


Many people around the world have to deal with skin problems like acne, scars, pimples and many other skin issues. We all dream of having a beautiful, smooth skin, but it requires a lot of work to keep your face looking good. We all have different skin, so we have to use creams for dry skin, creams for oily skin and so on. In most of the cases, these creams are expensive.


Fortunately, we have a natural solution for you. The most amazing ingredient that is very beneficial for the skin is baking soda. Moreover, it is easily found and it is the cheapest solution the the hardest skin problems.

Here is how you can use it to solve all your skin issues:

Removing thr dark circles and bags under the eyes

If you are dealing with dark circles and bags under the eyes, you have found the most effective ingredient to solve this problem. Baking soda is most effective in this particular area.

We all know that the skin under the eyes is really delicate. If you still haven’t found the right face mask that will remove circles around your eyes, baking soda is the right ingredient for you.

It’s time to replace your non-working and expensive cleanser with this homemade recipe:

  1. In a glass of hot water and tea, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. Mix the ingredients well
  3. Now, you will need to take 2 cotton wools, soak them into the mixture and place them on the skin under the eyes.
  4. Let them stay for 15 minutes
  5. After you remove them, wash your face
  6. In the end, apply the usual moisturizing cream you use and you will get an amazing results.

Using Backing Soda for Treating Acne

People have been using baking soda for removing acne and acne scars for centuries now.

The best thing is that this method helps to shed the skin and encourage new skin growth. Those who tried this method, stated that baking soda made their face soft like the skin of a newborn.

Here is how you need to use baking soda for acne properly:

  1. Take a small plate and put 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a drop of water, and mix them.
  2. Make sure not to add too much water since it will turn the resulting mixture into a liquid and you’ll not be able to exfoliate the skin.
  3. Apply the mixture on the affected area and gently massage with your fingers.
  4. Allow the mixture to stay for several minutes in order to act.
  5. The mixture will become hard as the water evaporates.
  6. After that, rinse it off.
  7. Repeat this method every night before going to bed.


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