What To Do If Someone Around You Swallow Their Tongue



What does it mean when someone says “swallowed his tongue”  and why is it so dangerous it can even lead to death? Can anything or anyone alter the fatal outcome?


We all know that when a person is unconscious, the muscles relax and he or she cannot react to pain, noise or irritation, not able to move and cannot tell if something hurts.

Since tongue is a muscular organ, it is also subjected unconscious, so when the person is lying on the back, the root of the tongue falls back in the throat, clogging the windpipe. Since the man cannot defend himsllf or give a sign that something is happening, after 3 minutes without oxygen to the brain, the man is disabled and will die.

If the witness of the accident does not help, it will come to the worst outcome which is death, even in the most civilized societies where the emergency system has developed almost to perfection.

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In modern Europe, in the most developed systems for emergency, it takes the ambulance on average 5 to 8 minutes to arrive on the scene, and we all know that just after three minutes without oxygen the person will die.

That is why the witnesses should give the first aid in order to provide more time until the ambulance arrives.

For such situations modern guidelines for first aid  give some simple instructions for action.

First Aid For Unconscious

Once you realize that there is no danger for you on the scene, you approach the victim and kneel beside him.

Then shook him by the shoulders and ask loudly if he hears you.

If he is not responding, it means that he is unconscious and is battling for his life. You must put your hand on his forehead and put the head back to you lead, then with 2 fingers of your other hand lift his chin up. If you do this properly, the root of his tongue is tensioned and releases the airways, so that the air can pass and the patients will start breathing spontaneously.

Unless you see object in his mouth which can choke him, do not meddle with it. Do not try to pull the tongue out since the previous mentioned method is safe enough.

Check if he is breathing without releasing his head.

If he is still unconscious but breathing, try to keep him in that position and you can turn him sideways in a stable position with retracted head.

Make sure you call an ambulance at 112 as soon as possbile, and chek his status periodically.

As you can see, it is very simple, but it can save a life. It does not require a university degree or inhuman heroism. Perhaps you will need a little courage and a sense of responsibility. This is good to know, because one day you may find in this kind of situation and you will be able to save someones life. Who knows.


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