Get Rid From Joints Pain and Inflammation Effectively and Quickly Without Drugs


Inflammation has become a major problem in our western and civilized world. Our lifestyle contributes to more and more people suffering from daily pains caused by inflammation in different parts of our body.


Primary Inflammation

Your body needs to eliminate toxins, cleanse and repair of cellular damage that affects the body. Primary inflammation is painless and without symptoms, you will not be aware of inflammatory articulation.

Secondary Inflammation

Secondary inflammation occurs when the primary is lagging behind. Your body becomes motionless, swollen, and you feel a lot of pain. Typically, everyone goes to the doctor to take pills, but that has a side effects from using over a long period of time. Drugs will close the primary way of detoxification, resulting in worse pain.

Most people are not aware that this damage our joints:

  • mental stress
  • artificial sweeteners
  • processed food
  • smoking
  • dairy products
  • High amounts of caffeine
  • wheat
  • trans fats
  • pollution
  • MSG
  • Lack of sleep
  • alcohol

What should you do?

Add lots of green foods and vegetables in the daily diet. These foods contain large amounts of nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals. Take them on an empty stomach, and they will repair the body’s cells. Drinking cups of warm water and lemon every morning will boost the digestive processes that will result in a reduction of inflammation.

Turmeric and ginger tea

Turmeric and ginger are the most powerful inflammation fighters. Add a little honey if you choose to save the tea itself of these beautiful plants.


If you add sea salt to the water you drink, you will fill the body with all the vital minerals, and more than a hundred minerals that are necessary for the overall well-being.


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Written by Martin

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