WARNING: If you Find This On Your Potatoes, Throw Them, It Could Save Your Life!


We all know that expiration dates on products serve to remind us that we shouldn’t consume the product past this date. In spite of this, we often find products, such as a jar of spices or a can of food in our pantry that has been there for years.


Of course, a sip of sour milk is not deadly, but consuming some products past their ‘best by’ date can actually wreak havoc upon your health.

It’s common misconception that potatoes don’t have a strict expiration date. However, bad potatoes can produce a toxin that keeps pests away, but this toxin can also harm humans. If your potatoes start turning green, throw them away. Otherwise, they could affect your nervous system.

Most people think that stale bread cannot do any harm, which is why they scrape off the mold and still eat the bread. This couldn’t be more wrong as eating bread mold doesn’t only upset your stomach, but it can also make grounds for serious diseases including cancer.

Eat bad eggs is another big no-no because they don’t only give you an upset stomach, but also salmonella. Bad eggs are easily recognized when the egg white doesn’t really separate from the yolk.

Contrary to common belief, canned food can also go bad. You should never take the risk with this food if the expiration date has passed. The greatest danger here is botulism, a rare and potentially deadly disease caused by expired canned goods.

A wilted cucumber doesn’t seem much of a health threat. However, a ‘teary’ one does as the liquid is in fact a chemical of decomposition that can damage your intestinal lining.

Dry spices should also be disposed of after some time. If your herbs are covered in dust, they can also get infected by insects.

Also, your nose is the best detector when it comes to good or bad food. If your dry goods, granola or popcorn smells wrong, it is wrong. Smelly dry goods may also be decomposing, and eating these will give you a stomach ache.

Last, but not least, ask yourself when was the last time you gave your spice cabinets a clean? This place is actually the most common place for spoiled goods. Now, set a couple of hours of your free time and ‘review’ your pantry. Make sure you throw all the expired stuff away.


Source: healthyworld365

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