What Would Really Happen If You Swallow A Chewing Gum?


Does it really take 7 years for the chewing gum to pass through your digestive system?

Your parents have probably warned you a long time ago not to swallow the chewing gum. Were they right and can it really cause damages to your body?


I’m sure that at least once in your life you’ve swallowed a gum. Maybe not intentionally, but it can easily happen while you’re drinking something and you forget all about the gum in your mouth. At that exact moment, you’re probably wondering if something bad can happen to you…

Does the chewing gum really need 7 years to go through your digestive system? Can it really wrap around your heart and stomach?

Next time you swallow a gum don’t worry, because all of these warnings we’ve heard are actually just myths.

Here’s what’s really true: a part of the chewing gum consists of resin, fat, additives and wax, which are basically non-digestive compounds, but people constantly consume a lot of indigestive ingredients and our stomach still manages to digest them and get them out of our system.

   The indigestible parts of the chewing gum will simply pass all the way through your digestive system until they literally exit your system along with the excrement.

But, if you swallow a couple of chewing gums in a short period of time, some issues may arise. The digestive system won’t be able to absorb them and this can lead to a full digestive system blockage.

This mostly happens with small children, and in a situation like this a medical intervention is necessary. Luckily, this rarely happens, so next time you swallow a chewing gum relax, your digestive system will take care of it.


Source: mrhealthylife

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