We Present You 12 Child Powder Tips. Universal Product!


The powder for children should be present into every house where a child is present. This useful tool successfully solves the problems of at least 12 adults. The advantage of the children’s powder that is available and owns decent price can be found in each pharmacy. Practice these tips, they will be of use:


  • Removes the fatty strains – The children’s powder absorbs the fat. Sprinkle with powder the great strain immediately.
  • Luxuriance lashes – If before applying mascara, you put child‘s powder with toothpicks ears, your eyelashes will be denser and feathered.
  • It removes odors from shoes – To get rid of odors and also dirt, sprinkle some powder in your shoes and leave it to stand overnight on the balcony.

  • Porcelain face – If you want your face to be fresh, you do not always need to use matte powder. The same effect can be achieved with children’s powder.
  • For cleaning pets – If you want to clear the fur of your pet, apply a little powder on it and then comb it well.
  • Protect the old books – If you sprinkle the old books with powder, you will basically return the “life” inside them. The powder will absorb moisture and the books will have new look. After standing for a while, carefully remove the powder with brush.
  • For crunching of the floor – If your wood floor crunches, pour into the mezzanine boards and solve the problem.
  • Dry washing of hair – To refresh your hair when you do not have time to wash it, apply powder and comb it good with your hands through.
  • After epilation – To reduce the redness, irritation and inflamed skin, sprinkle your skin with child powder.
  • Intricate jewelry – If your chain is entangled, pour little powder and it will be easier to disentangle it.
  • Release while walking – If the inner surface of your tights are irritated while moving, sprinkle it with powder. In this case the powder will be of greater benefit.
  • Remain your clothes clean – To maintain the freshness and purify the white shirt, iron it and then sprinkle it with a little powder on the collar and cuffs.


Source: healthyfoodstar

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