Study Show: Sclerosis Nerve Damage Can Be Repaired With Vitamin D


If you are familiar with multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurodegenerative disease of your nerves within your brain/spinal column, which is caused by a demyelization process, please continue reading as this may have important information that can help you or someone who has MS.


What MS is aimed to do is to have your immune system mistakenly attack the myelin, a protective coating around your nerve fibers. This can lead to certain disruptions in the messages that are sent rapidly throughout your brain and spinal cord. Which can then lead to symptoms that include muscle weakness, tremors, fatigue, pain, and trouble balancing.

Studies have shown that vitamin D is actually a very essential mechanic with your body for it has the ability to boost the repairs done to the damaged myelin within people who contain MS.

According to the University of Cambridge:

By adding vitamin D to brain stem cells where the proteins were present, they found the production rate of oligodendrocytes (myelin making cells) increased by 80 percent. When they blocked the vitamin D receptor to stop it from working, the RXR gamma protein alone was unable to stimulate the production of oligodendrocytes.”

The researchers that conducted the study also claimed: “provides significant evidence that vitamin D is also involved in the regeneration of myelin” that once MS had developed they had hoped to create a myelin repair drug that is able to target the vitamin D receptor.

Essentially what it all boils down to is upping your vitamin D intake. Whether it is MS or a vitamin D deficiency, a good way to help restore the natural health to your body is to have a general exposure to the sun as well as preparing meals that contain vitamin D to help renew yourself as well as eliminate the ailment.


Source: simpleorganiclife

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