Signs Of Vitamin C Deficient and What You Need To Do To Correct IT


The disease, which is a direct result of a lack of vitamin C is scurvy.  It leads to weakness, fatigue and lethargy, affects bone and muscle strength and weakens the immune system. Thanks to the use of citrus, the emergence of scurvy is greatly reduced since the end of the 18th century to the present. But still can occur. Because of the extreme diet or exercise, and bulimia and anorexia, there was a wave of initial symptoms of scurvy among teenagers. It also can affect alcoholics, or the elderly whose ability to absorb vitamin C reduced due to excessive intake of drugs or malnutrition.


Most animals can create its own vitamin C. This is because they can be relatively quickly recover from illness or injury. The problem with vitamin C is evident in humans, guinea pigs and a few other primates because everyone is missing the gene that should boost its own production of vitamin C.
The cure is simple. The diet should be more vitamin C.

Early signs of scurvy

1. Bleeding gums, loose teeth or gingivitis

Collagen is needed to build and maintain tissues and vitamin C is vital for collagen.

2. Chronic feeling of lack of energy and / or depression

Even affects the strength of the bone. Acidosis and scurvy are similar, the body collapses and comes to losing weight. Some experts believe that scurvy manifested as acidosis, extreme acidity or low pH. This condition leads to many other diseases, and even cancer.

3. Bruises occur very easily and remain visible for a long time

And it can be an indication of a lack of vitamin C. Inadequate levels of vitamin can also affect the slow healing of minor wounds and in drying hair.

4. Sudden mood swings, outbursts of anger and irritability may be early signs of scurvy

5. Anemia is another sign of a possible lack of vitamin C

If it seems to catch every cold or flu, you may be more vitamin C to help raise the immune system.

6. Chronic pain legs arms or wrists is another signal for which you should check the level of vitaminC

Sometimes scurvy lead to bleeding in the joints, causing severe pain.

Lack of vitamin C produces neurological problems

A recent study conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, published in the Journal of Neurochemistry in October 2012, brings interesting observations.They have used mice that deactivate the genes for the production of Vitamin C. Vitamin C Animals were compensated by means of ascorbic acid (AA).For the purposes of this research, a specific period are not giving them AA, and then again returned to the diet. Before and after each period, take their blood samples. During each period, it was observed depressive behavior and obedience, and a strong need to consume more glucose than any other kind of food.After the second period in which they received AA, it has been observed a reduction in blood glucose levels, oxidative damage to lipids and proteins, as well as less of dopamine and serotonin. In other words, neurological damage.

For blood vessels and heart

Studies have shown that vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C may retard atherosclerosis in animals. One study concluded that these substances may also reduce the occurrence of heart attacks in humans. Daily consumption of vegetables and fruit that is rich in beta-carotene and other carotenoids, and vitamin C, such as tomatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes and melons, could provide a certain protection against coronary artery disease.


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