Improves Vision And Lower Intraocular Pressure With This Homemade Remedy


One Russian physician, surgeon and ophthalmologist, Vladimir Petrovich Filatov , treat the patients with this medical treatment. This alternative medicine recipe was able to successfully treated people with vision problems and high eye pressure.


This is easy homemade remedy that prevents further visual loss and will restore your vision.

People start to use it because they have great and positive experience.


  • 500 g ground walnuts
  • Lemon juice (3-4 lemons)
  • 100 g of aloe juice
  • 300 g honey

How to make:

Mix the ingredients in a blender.

Consume 1 tablespoon of this remedy half an hour before a meal, 3 times daily.

This vitamin bomb will speed up the entire body and will regenerate it.

The juice from Aloe Vera is great help in cardiovascular problems, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, and inflammation of the female reproductive organs, digestive tract issues, and kidney disease.

The Aloe Vera should not be older than 2-3 years.


Source: timeforhealthyfood

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