10 Tips For Preventing Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and is the most common cause of death among women in the Western world. It occurs in 20 – 25% from all of the malignant solid tumors. The incidence of this disease is increasing steadily. There are numerous steps for taking control under it – and each of them will help in reducing the risk for getting it.


It is important to know that less than 10% of all breast cancer cases are associated with genetic factors. The remaining – 90% is connected with external factors.

Cancer can be prevented by certain life changes, such as adding proper diet, optimizing of vitamin D, exercise and avoidance of toxins that comes from any kind of source. It involves careful control of the household and the personal care products that you use as well as the products for furniture and other potential toxins which come daily in contact with you. The excessive exposure to toxins, undoubtedly plays an important role in the development of cancer. And, the latest researches are revealed the worst culprits.

Toxins in everyday products

According to the recent researches you can reduce the risk of breast cancer so that you will start avoiding certain chemicals which can be found in everyday products. This is particularly important because only 10% of the breast cancer cells are genetically inherited – scientists believe that the environment factors play major role. In the previous researches, the researchers identified 216 chemicals that increase the breast tumors inside.  The focus was intended to 102 chemicals to which women are exposed on a daily basis through food, drugs, air pollution and other products. After, they grouped and pulled aside the chemicals on the basis of their exposure, carcinogenic potential and chemical structure. This sorting resulted in 17 groups of chemicals that are marked with “high priority” label because of their ability to continually create breast tumors (on animal tests).  

Hard flammable materials (resistant to fire) which can be found in furniture, carpets and clothes

It is very difficult to distinguish one chemical group that is the worst among them but these materials are somewhere at the top of the list because they are used in almost every household.    The Americans in their bodies have 90% hard flammable chemicals and many studies are linking this with the risk of the human health, including infertility, birth defects, low IQ, problems with behavior of children as well as cancer of the liver, kidney, testis and breast. 

The hardly flammable chemicals belong to the same class with DDT and PCB (organohalogenes). These chemicals react with other poisons and create carcinogenic dioxins and furans. The chemical industry declares that the hard flammable materials increase the time to escape from the fire for 15 times. This kind of chemicals are also known as chlorinated tris (TDCPP) which was removed from the children’s pajamas in the 70s because of the concern that it could cause cancer but, now, is ubiquitous accessory in the cushions of the couches across the United States.

Antiperspirants and certain cosmetics

Into the antiperspirants, cosmetics, lotions and sunscreen, the parabens are used as preservatives. The previous studies show that all parabens have estrogenic activity in cancerous cells in the breast. Inside one study which was published 4 years ago, was found that one or more paraben esters in 99% of 160 cells from the taken tissue from 40 mastectomies. The constant presence of parabens in the tissue shows that the antiperspirants and other cosmetics may increase the risk of breast cancer.  While the antiperspirants are common source of parabens, the authors warn that their source can be different and that 7 out of 14 patients claim that they never used antiperspirants in their lives. This shows that parabens, regardless of its source, may be accumulated inside the breast tissue. Also, parabens can be found in various personal hygiene products, cosmetics and medicines. This actually means that the products for skin increase the biggest form of exposure.

Other strategies for prevention of breast cancer

  • Limit your protein intake
  • Avoid sugar
  • Insert a sufficient amount of iodine
  • Increase your intake of healthy fats
  • Consume a lot turmeric, broccoli and cinnamon
  • Consume 1 liter of organic green vegetable juice each day
  • Avoid bras with wire
  • Avoid alcohol
  • The breast- feeding process should last 6 months
  • Sleep enough


Source: healthyfoodstar

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