Recent Study: Fried Food Increase Risk Of Heart Attack By 56%


It is time you reduced the amount of friend food you take. One of the largest surveys conducted on Americans has revealed a close relation between oil-filled fried foods and heart attack. Researchers in the US have found that there is over 56 percent higher chance of heart attack in people taking fried food and sweetened drinks than in people not taking these foods.


The survey was conducted by a large team of researchers from the US. It involved over 17,000 Americans of both Caucasian and African American origin. The chosen subjects were free from any heart ailments before the study began.

The subjects were studied for 6 years based on their food habits. The scientists found that those who consumed fried foods, bacon, processed foods with fat, scrambled eggs, ham, and fried potatoes, and carbonated and sugar-filled drinks developed much higher risk of heart attack than those who continued eating healthy foods. The risk of an attack grew by over 56 percent.

According to James Chicane, who is a scientist, epidemiologist and nutritionist, the risk of heart disease increases in people taking friend foods without any influence of factors like where they live, their gender and ethnic origin. He emphasizes the need for bringing diet changes in such cases.

It is time you brought changes to your food habits. Cut down on the amount of fried foods you are taking. It is recommended to start by reducing consumption of such food and processed meat to 3 days per week. Gradually, replace such foods with lean meat like chicken, and veggies.


Source: mrhealthylife

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