What Your Urine Color Reveals About Your Health



You probably never thought about it, but the color of your urine can point out whether you have some health problems.

What does it mean when it is transparent and without a color? What should I do if it is of yellow color? Or pink? Or green?

There is a lot you can find out about your health on the basis of urine color.


No color or transparent – You are drinking a lot of water. You may want to cut back.

Pale straw color – You’re normal, healthy and well hydrated.

Transparent yellow – You’re normal.

Dark yellow – Normal. But drink more water soon.

Amber or honey – Your body isn’t getting enough water. Drink some now.

Syrup or brown ale – You could have liver disease. Or severe dehydratation. Drink water and see your doctor if it persist.

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Pink to reddish – Have you eaten beets, blueberries or rhubarb recently? If not, you may have blood in your urine. It could be nothing. Or it could be a sign of kidney disease, tumors, urinary tract infections, prostate problems or something else. Maybe even lead or mercury poisoning. Contact your doctor.

Orange – You may not be drinking enough water. Or you could have a liver or bile duct condition. Or it could be food dye. Contact your doctor.

Blue or green – there is a rare genetic disease that can turn your urine blue or green. Also certain bacteria can infect the urinary tract. But it’s probably a food dye in something you ate or a medication. You won’t die from it, but see your doctor if it persists.

Purple – There’s no such thing as purple urine.

Foaming or fizzling – A harmless hydraulic effect, if occasional. But could indicate excess protein in your diet or a kidney problem. See a doctor if foaming happens all the time.


Source: mirrorspectrum

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