This Seed Can Cure Diabetes, Help You Lose Weight And Provide Many Other Health Benefits!


Canary seed is usually used for feeding birds, but as it contains amino acids and enzymes, people should consume it as well.


Furthermore, this seed is rich in lipase enzyme which is proven to help with the digestive process. This enzyme is also known to breaks down the fat cells which accelerates their absorption through the intestines. The lipase enzyme is  effective in reducing the symptoms of celiac disease and indigestion as well.

Here you can find some of the nutritional and health benefits of the birdseed:

  • It’s refreshing
  • It is proven to be a powerful antioxidant, so it slows down the aging process and tightens the skin as well
  • It is effective against cellulite
  • Regenerates the pancreas and helps in preventing diabetes
  • This seed has the ability to recharge enzymes
  • Boosts the kidney enzymes and eliminates the excess fluids from the human body
  • The enzymes in these seeds act as a natural remedy. They reduce the swelling of internal organs, like: kidneys, liver and pancreas
  • The protein in birdseed are very easy to digest and less harmful for the human body
  • Prevents arteriosclerosis
  • It can be used as an appetizer

  • Rich in different types of vegetable proteins
  • Helps with abdominal toning
  • Helps with obesity and bloating
  • Helps with stomach ulcers, gastritis, edema, gout.
  • Contains emollient properties
  • It’s very effective in treating high blood pressure
  • It helps in treating cirrhosis as it increases the number of hepatocytes in the liver. In this way it also helps against inflammation.
  • It helps in the weight loss process and reducing the cholesterol levels. So, it’s recommended for people who want to lower the cholesterol levels (LDL) and to lose weight.
  • It’s effective against kidney and bladder problems, because it kills the bacteria in the urinary tract
  • As we said before, it is rich in lipase enzyme, which helps in burning fats that damage the veins

Here is one useful RECIPE: Milk Birdseed

Put 5 tablespoons of birdseed in water and leave them overnight. In the morning strain the water and blend the birdseeds. Add soy milk or fruit and blend again. For better taste, you can add some honey.

This milk is very healthy and it will give you energy for the whole day. You can also drink it before going to bed but it should be warm.


Source: supertastyrecipes

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