Sponges Hide Dangers. How To Get Rid of Them?


The sponges are the dirtiest things in the kitchen and it`s very difficult to keep them clean, said microbiologist Manali Sharma.


The study conducted by US scientists from the laboratory for food safety, revealed that 77% of sponges contain bacteria, 86% fungi and mold, while 18% have a staph infection, which can easily be transmitted to humans and contribute to a serious infection in the blood, lungs and heart.

Why the sponges are so dirty?

– They are in contact with food scraps and wet environment suitable for bacteria and other microorganisms, explains Sharma.

Moreover, they are not properly cleaned before the next use.

Sponges in the restaurants?

Usually, it is forbidden to use sponges in the kitchens of restaurants, because with so many dirty dishes, and a lot of bacteria.

How to clean the sponge?

If you just squeeze out the sponge and wash it with water, you have done nothing!

Researchers advised to put a wet sponge for one minute in the microwave to destroy bacteria. However, it should be wet, not ignite, but does not contain any metal wires.

Also, one other way is 10% hydrogen or lemon juice. Researchers advise that the most effective way to clean the sponge is to soak the sponge for five minutes in hydrogen. Mix a little hydrogen in water and soak the sponge.


Source: healthexpertgroup

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