Breast Cancer Risk Can Be Reduce By Changing Your Diet


Cancer is one of the most common diseases around the globe. For years scientists have been trying to find a cure for this dreadful disease but it seems that their efforts have been in vein. The best way towards eradicating this disease is to make a complete change in your diet and nutrition because according to numerous scientists and Web MD the food we eat plays a crucial role in our overall health and can lower or increase the risk of breast cancer. There are certain types of food which can significantly lower your chances for developing breast cancer and we’re going to share them with you.


Plant based foods

Diet plan rich in saturated fats like red meat and processed food can often be the root cause for breast cancer because this type of food can lead to obesity and open the way for breast cancer, making the body unable to fight off mutated cells. Diet plays an important role in your overall health so the best thing you should do for your body is start eating healthy. Add more fruits and vegetables to your ingredients list and try to avoid deep-fried and processed food. Salads are not your only option, there are plenty of other option on the table. You can try soy or tofu and there are numerous other ways to include more plant-based food and still have a delicious meal.

Food high in fibers

Whole grains and beans are rich in fiber which makes them an excellent option if you want to reduce the risk of breast cancer. They have appetite suppressing properties and will make you feel fuller for longer, which will make you eat less throughout the day. If your body weight is within the normal limits cancer will have a harder time developing in your body. Moreover, when you have a normal weight your body produces less estrogen, which is directly linked to lower risk of breast cancer. Replace bread with high-fiber wheat substitute and you’ll see how much fuller you’ll feel immediately.

Drinking tea is an excellent habit when it comes to breast cancer prevention because it has certain cancer-fighting abilities. Tea contains flavonoids which contribute to ample antioxidants in your system. A few cups of tea every day can prevent cell mutation which is always present in cancer patients. Green tea is especially beneficial in the fight against breast cancer.Fatty fish

Fish should be a regular part of every diet, but it’s especially beneficial in the fight against breast cancer. But not any fish, you should choose the type of fish wisely because some are more beneficial than others. You want to eat more fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids like cod and salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids are very important because they strengthen your immune system and enable it to fight off cancer cells more efficiently.

Consider fish oil supplements

If fish is not something you want to eat almost every day then you can start taking fish oil supplements and still reap some of its cancer-fighting properties. Just make sure you’re taking the right supplements, omega 3 fatty acids, not omega 6, they can easily be mixed up. Omega 6 fatty acids are those typically found in vegetable oils and they aren’t as healthy as omega 3.

Limits to fish oil intake

Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial but everything should be consumed in moderation. You shouldn’t eat fish every day even though you know it’s healthy. You need to create a balanced meal plan and have 2-3 fatty fish meals a week. Also, if you’re suffering from a certain disease or condition you might want to consult with your doctor and limit your fish intake to avoid contraindications. If you’re pregnant you should also be careful with high amounts of fish, they can contain mercury which can be harmful if consumed in large amounts.CNN reports that you need to consult with your doctor about your diet which just one of the many steps towards reducing your chances for breast cancer. There is no such thing like a miracle pill or recipe which will guarantee success but doctors can advise you which types of food can be beneficial for your particular condition. The best diet for every need is the one rich in natural ingredients and nutrients needed for optimal health.

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