What Will Happens When You Put Grated Potatoes in Your Socks


Fever is reaction to the body when is fighting with some infection during flu or cold. It is very important not to suppress the high fever, because it is reliable indicator of the overall state of the organism and also points out how the disease is really dangerous.


If people have inflammations, brain damage or meninges, then high temperatures can be dangerous as it may damage your brain cells.

Use grated potatoes and put them into your socks

Take some potatoes and grate them, you don’t need to remove the potato peel, just wash it thoroughly. Put the grated potatoes on the sole of your feet and wear socks. The potato will act on the temperature and will lower the fewer, so your condition can be improved.

In order to quickly lower the fewer , drink a lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. Juices from squeezed lemon and oranges will help you because they are loaded with vitamin C.


Source: healthadvisorgroup

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