Use Dandelion Root Juice In The Treatment Against Liver Cirrhosis, Eye Circles and Stomach Pain


Dandelion grows everywhere.It has meadows, pastures, fields, parks, gardens. Dandelion is a natural remedy for many ailments. In folk medicine is applied to strengthen the body and cleansing the blood. From dandelion can be used the whole plant. It improves the function of the stomach, improves metabolism, increases breast milk, reduces cholesterol.


Persons with gentle health are advised to consume a salad of fresh, quite young leaves and roots of dandelion. This salad cleanses the blood, improves blood and cleanses the body of accumulated toxins. After this cleansing the body rheumatic pains are reduced and many skin diseases disappear.

Dandelion root and leaves are used to treat diseases of the liver and gall bladder, to treat gall bladder stones, jaundice and constipation.

1. Juice of dandelion root in the treatment against liver cirrhosis

Carefully dig 20 dandelion roots. Wash well, chop them finely and then pass them through the gauze to get out of them all the liquid. The resulting juice store it in a bottle. Take 3 tablespoons of the juice during the day with a glass of milk before a meal. The treatment lasts 21 days

2. Dandelion against eye circles

Mix 2 dandelion leaves with parsley tea. Then put the leaves to stand for 5-10 minutes under the eyes. When you remove the leaves, wash your face alternately with warm and cold water


3. Tincture of dandelion root against the pain in the stomach

Put 6-8 crushed dandelion roots in a jar with 500 milliliters of brandy. Close the jar well and leave to stand for 10 days at room temperature. After 10 days drain the tincture. Drink 1-2 sips of this tincture to relieve pain in stomach.
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