Bottled Water Proven To Contain More Than 24 000 Chemicals


As bottled water becomes more and more popular in the world, some of us have adverted our gaze away from the dangers that lurk inside once we purchase them.


A study that was conducted in Germany was able to find that thousands of other seemingly harmful chemicals that are leeching from plastic products into our beverages and even our food. This includes an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) that is often referred to as di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate, or DEHF, which is known to be completely unregulated.

The team of researchers found this information out by performing tests on 18 individual bottled water products as to look for indications for EDC’S. The tests consisted of using an advanced combination of bioassay work and high-resolution mass spectrometry, in which the results of the tests were able to show that there were 24,520 different kinds of chemicals that were already present in the tested waters.

Essentially, what the study was able to provide was that bottled water contained very harmful chemicals that could alter your body’s hormonal system, anti-estrogenic activity, and others even inhibiting the body’s androgen receptors by 90%. However, what proved to be the most critical out of all of the chemicals was DEHF. This is known to be a plasticized chemical that is only used to enhanced the plastic bottles flexibility. Which was then obviously found tested positive in the water inside of the bottle.

The research team states: “We confirmed the identity and biological activity of DEHF and additional isomers of dioctyl fumarate and maleate using authentic standards. Since DEHF is anti-estrogenic but not anti-androgenic we conclude that additional, yet unidentified EDCs must contribute to the antagonistic effect of bottled water.” 


Source: simpleorganiclife

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