This Miracle Herb Can Be a Cure To 5 Types of Cancer And We Present You How To Grow It


Moringa is more and more popular today because it is fast growing, nutritious and lovely. Grow this plant and you will be able to pick nice healthy greens straight from your yard.


Step 1. Obtain some Moringa seeds from one of the many sources that sell them.

There are few types, but the seeds of Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala are the easiest to be found.

  • If you like fast-growing tree with leaves, blossoms and seed pods the very first year you should look for Moringa oleifera.
  • If you are out for fast-growing tree with bigger leaves from which you can pick the fruits easier you should look for Moringa stenipetala.

Step 2. Find a good spot for your Moringa tree.

You should know that Moringa tree grows over 20 feet (6.1m) tall in the first year. Averagely, it grows 15 feet (4.6m), anyway, in the best conditions they are able to grow even taller. You should also know that the branches will grow around 3-5 feet in average during the first year, so you should think twice about the planting location of this tree. This tree requires sunlight, water and warmth – so you should find a spot where the tree will be able to thrive.

Step 3. Get the best organic potting soil.

This tree is able to grow in sandy soil, poor soil or depleted soil but you should make sure its roots aren’t getting wet. Keep this in mind and if needed add sand into the potting soil mixture or use any available soil in your environment. Also, add coconut coir, peat moss or sand in order to loosen it. The roots will be able to penetrate deeper and drain properly. This tree has a taproot, one root that goes deep just like carrot. The taproot should have plenty of room in order to penetrate deep in the soil. If using a container you should use the deepest one. You can grow this tree as a solitary, as a hedge or in rows.

Step 4. Make a hole in the soil and put the Moringa seeds ¾” to 1” deep, cover with soil and tamp it into place.

Cover the seeds and water the soil well. You should water the seeds every day, until they start to emerge from the ground. After sprouting, you should water them once in 2 days, until they grow 18 inches tall. Then you should water them once in a 7 days.


If you grow it in orchard, you should cut back the tree every year or two and leave to re-grow aid aggressive leaf and pod production in order the pods and leaves remain within arms’ reach.

This tree originates from the sub tropical areas and if you like to grow it at your home you should make sure that it is not exposed to continuous frost and sub zero temperatures.

This tree requires full sun. You should keep it safe from strong winds and gusts. If the area where you live is warm you should water it daily (be careful not to water-log the roots, the water must be drained). If you don’t water it enough it will surely tell you, just pay attention.


Source: timeforhealthyfood

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