Risk of Lung Cancer Can Be Reduce By 44% By Eating This


Garlic is used all over the world as a spicy and a tasty addition to any meal like shrimp scampi and spaghetti sauce. However the garlic also has some bad side, like leaving a bad impression on your first date and is widely recognized as a vampire repellant. Anyway the garlic from a scientific side is important in fighting lung cancer.

Smoking is one of the main lung cancer causes, but non-smokers can contract the insidious disease too. That’s why it is important for people to know and learn how to protect themselves.


The Chinese have conducted a study and have linked garlic to reduce lung cancer by up to 44 percent. In the study 1,424 cancer patients and 4,534 healthy one were included.  The entire study was based on consumption of garlic.

Final results showed that compounds in raw garlic regarding lung cancer were strong enough for further and more detailed examination. Diallyl disulfide an organosulfur compound from garlic and some other genus Allium plants may be garlic’s lung cancer preventative property.


Studies from recent past have indicated decisively, that smoking is the significant reason for lung cancer. Also smoking showed that lung cancer over nonsmokers increased the chance of 250 percent. The Chinese study included presentation to close-by factory smoke and exhaust, the utilization of fried food and family lung cancer history.

Raw Garlic Consumption

Exercises and physical activities showed 15 % reduction in lung cancer and green tee showed 18% reduction. The garlic (raw) on the other hand is a winner in lung cancer reduction.

The study was interesting because it gave result of 44 % reduction, from garlic consumption. However this was only for those who ate garlic at least twice a week of a total of 33 grams weekly. Those who consumed garlic only once a week showed 8% reduction. So, it is very important to consume garlic more than once in a week.

Smoker also benefited from consuming raw garlic, and the results showed 30% reduction of lung cancer than those who did not consume garlic at all.

How garlic reduces lung cancer

The power of garlic is staggering and scientists imply that this is due to several sulfur compounds locked inside it. At the point when raw garlic cloves are smashed or hacked, the oils from it are taken in and for the most part discharged through the lungs while eating. This is what stands behind why garlic is mighty and particularly defends the body from lung cancer.

In the laboratory the compounds of garlic like allicin have showed that it can destroy liver, colon, and gastric cancer cells. Some other studies on animals have demonstrated that it can also give somewhat protection against other cancers like breast cancer and lymphoma.

Cooked or raw garlic?

Raw garlic has a strong taste and for many can be unpleasant and takes time to get used to it. The Chi Chinese study was only about raw garlic.

Anyway there are ways to beat garlic’s strong taste by including it with other healthy meals.

Raw chopped garlic added to crisp salsa and bruschetta makes an extraordinary salsa. Consolidated with avocados and their solid oils, you can make a guacamole individuals rave about. Add chopped garlic to hummus. Then again you can add chopped raw garlic to your plate of mixed greens. Adding the garlic to these dishes expands the fragrant advantages of the garlic to the lungs.

In any case consumption of raw garlic at the end is a good way to go with, to avoid lung cancer.


Source: healthylivinghouse

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