She Is 73 And Looks Like 30. This Woman Discovered The ELIXIR of YOUTH


Unbelievably but a 73 year old woman from Florida, Annette Larrikins looks as if she is in her 30s. Her secret is that she is not a follower of the conventional medicine and instead of that she is treating each health problem naturally.


She says that many people are thinking that her physical appearance is due to plastic surgeries and cosmetics, but she had non in her entire life. Another interesting thing is that many people confuse her 40 years old sons as her brothers and her husband as her father.

She is close to nature and has her own garden where she grows numerous herbs, vegetables and fruits. But not only this, she also knows how to use each of them properly for different purposes.

Annette`s story begins back in 1963 when she decided to stop eating meat and become a vegan. She is certain that her youthful appearance is due to the vegan diet. She is consuming many salads and juices that are 100% natural and organic since the ingredients come from her own garden.

She usually starts her day in 5 am when she has her breakfast and continues with her daily duties. She is working in her garden, preparing healthy meals for her family, writes books and maintains her YouTube channel offering tips on how to live healthy.

Does she look like she is 73?


Source: healthylifebase

Video Source: HealingHerbsByRene

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