Doctors Gave Him 18 Months, But He BEAT Cancer With This Recipe!


Cannabis oil saved his life?

This is a story about David Hibit, 32 years old man from Staffordshire, UK, who had a tumor. According to the doctor’s prognosis, he only had 18 months to live. He refused chemotherapy because, as he says “ I felt that chemotherapy only kills me further and estimated that i have nothing to lose”. He also said that he could not accept the fact that he would die.


Beside chemotherapy, there was another solution. His friends had already found out that some people of his district were using cannabis oil, but he rejected this option at first. “ I’ve never consumed drugs”- he explained.

After he underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in 2013, he was finally ready to try something new since non of these worked. He started using a cannabis oil.

His doctors declared him healthy after just 18 months of using cannabis oil, at least for now.

“Cancer research Centre” in UK explains that there is no reliable evidence that will ensure that the use of cannabis is a safe and effective therapy for cancer since  there is no  insight into how many people are using this oil extract in their treatment against cancer.

The official medicine should give cannabis, because it is clear from those who were cured, that this herb deserves it.


Source: fhfn

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