Warning: Never Ever Stop a Sneeze! Here’s Why.



While we sneeze, the air flies through our nostrils at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour, if you stop the sneezing, all this pressure will move to another part of the body that could easily get hurt.


The way of sneezing is different. For example when you are at home or at a meeting, or in other words it can be relaxed or restrained. It may seem more decent to stop sneezing in public, but it is by no means good for your health. While we sneeze, the air flies through our nostrils at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.

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By stopping the sneeze all this pressure will move to another part of the body, for example to your ears, and it can cause cracking your eardrums. As per “How Stuff Works” it can also cause hearing loss and dizziness that will not stop for a while.

The blood capillaries in your eyes can also get hurt, in other words they can burst. This pressure can also damage the diaphragm. By stopping a stronger gust of sneezes you are risking a potential neck injuries, as well as fresh wounds in people who had recently operated their sinuses. In a worst case it can lead to rupture of the veins in the brain and it can even lead to a stroke, which can have fatal consequences.

So if you come to sneeze in public, do not be shy, because the price that you can pay is not worth it. Instead of restraint it, put a handkerchief to your nose and sneeze”like a man”. If you cannot take out your handkerchief, you can cover your nose and mouth with your forearm or your left palm –so in that way you will be able to handshake if necessary.


Source: healthbeauty24

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