3 Natural Effective Remedies to Threat Dandruff



The greatest enemy of healthy hair is dandruff. This is a problem which worries many women, and experts reckon that one in every three suffer from it.


There a number of home remedies for dandruff that can help you shake the flake, but today we present you the three most efficient remedies that will help you to get rid of dandruff.

Lemon Juice Remedy

Massage your scalp using two tablespoons of lemon juice and leave it for a few minutes. Then wash your hair with some lemon juice and water solution — add a tablespoon of lemon juice in 7 oz (200 milliliters) of water and wash the hair with this mixture.

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If you have long hair, increase the amount of water and lemon juice, of course, in the same proportion. Repeat the procedure as often as you can, until the itchy feeling and dandruff completely disappear. Lemon juice cleans the skin on your head, and your hair will also smell nice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It balances the pH of the skin on your head, so it is an amazingly efficient dandruff remedy, which should be in no way underestimated. After washing your hair, rinse it with water and apple cider vinegar solution (4 cups / 1 liter of water-100 milliliters / 3.5 oz apple cider vinegar). Do not worry about the smell, it will evaporate completely after your hair dries.

Bay Leaf Tea

Boil a liter of water (4 cups) and add a few bay leaves. After the tea cools for awhile, strain it and wash your hair. Wrap it in a towel and leave it for an hour, then rinse with warm water.


Source: healthyfoodplans

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