Save and Restore Your Teeth With Only 2 Daily Teaspoons of This Natural Ingredient!



Many people believe that taking care of oral health and teeth whitening is a complex process, but what if we tell you that using two teaspoons of one natural ingredient per day can do the trick? You would like to know the ingredient, right?

What is even more interesting is that you probably have this ingredient in your home. Keep reading and find out more about this substance and how it works.


Oil Pulling – A Basic Guide

If the subheading didn’t ring a bell, the ingredient you should be looking for is oil. We are talking about unprocessed oil used for cooking like coconut oil for example. The fact is that any oil like this will work and you don’t have to worry about the taste because you won’t need to consume it.

All you need to do is to take two teaspoons of any of these oils and put it in your mouth. After that, just swish your mouth with this oil (in the same way like you are rinsing your mouth after brushing the teeth) and spit the oil in the sink. Some people may find this practice gross, but that doesn’t really matter because the effects are amazing.

This procedure is called oil pulling and it is actually an old technique that can be found in Ayurvedic medicine which means that it has been used for centuries. Of course, there are many old remedies that are not very effective, but oil pulling has helped many people. This is the reason why so many health bloggers, naturopaths and of course our grandmas recommend it.

So, what can you expect from this technique? Oil pulling will help you fight gingivitis, acne, eczema, halitosis and much more.

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How does oil pulling work?

Many centuries ago, people believed that the swishing of oil in the mouth has the ability to extract bacteria from the gums (through the pores) and successfully remove them from the mouth and body.

Truth to be told, there is no scientific evidence that oil pulling works in this way. It is nice to believe that oils have the ability to extract unwanted substances, but the fact is that oils, honey and other natural remedies are only softening the skin and it is our body that continues the fight.

However, there is some scientific evidence that oil pulling supports the removal of bacteria from the oral cavity. According to one scientific study, oil pulling had removed bacteria, especially strep mucus and plaque.

In other words, oil pulling comes with all the aforementioned benefits of cleansing your mouth, but it doesn’t really work through the pores.

In addition, using some traditional methods of cleaning your teeth like flossing, can improve the effects of this practice. Of course, oil pulling alone has similar effects like flossing.

Should You Practice Oil Pulling or Not?

There is a huge number of people who support oil pulling and most of them have healthy teeth and gums and pleasant breath. Performing this procedure on a daily basis may be too much because it is usually recommended to swill for about 20 minutes. What you need to do is to use your toothbrush at least twice a day, use a dental floss on a daily basis and practice oil pulling every now and then.


Source: myilifestyle

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