Drink Lemon Juice not Pills for These 8 Problems


Lemon juice is definitely one of the most incredible natural remedies that can prevent hypertension, diabetes, fever, indigestion, constipation and improve the quality of your skin, hair and teeth thanks to its flavonoid content.


As the American Urological Assosiation states, lemon juice or lemonade creates urinary citrates that are able to prevent the formation of crystals and get rid of kidney stones.

8 problems that lemon juice solves

1. Skin problems

Lemons are abundant in antioxidants which can lower the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and age spots. The antioxidants also detoxify your blood and thus improve the look of your skin.

2. Weight loss

Lemon juice aids the process of weight loss, some new researches show. Lemons contain a fiber, pectin, which helps you burn fat easier.


3. Bowel movemen  

Lemons are rich in pectin, which is a substance great for stimulation of the bowel movements and for cleansing of the colon. Lemon juice also has antibacterial effects.


Water and lemon juice combination is a potent detoxifier which can be used for different detoxes, cleanses, renewals, etc.

5. Digestive issues

By triggering the production of bile in your body, lemon also improves your digestion.

6. Imbalanced pH

If you drink a glass of lemon water every morning, you will normalize your body’s pH and you will make the environment in your body alkaline, even besides the fact that lemon is an acidic fruit.

7. Inflammation and pain

Lemon juice can help you alleviate the pain and the inflammation in the joints and the knees. It is also beneficial for preventing gout, as it dissolves the uric acid in the joints

8. Bacterial overgrowth

Lemons are also beneficial when it comes to inhibiting bacterial overgrowth in the body.


Source: healthherbs365


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