This Recipe Can Help You With Clavus, Hard Feet Deposits, Cracks and Rough Skin on The Heels


In case you are dealing with cracks, clavus, rough skin on the heels and hard feet deposits, the following procedure will be pretty helpful for you.


Healing tincture with aspirin – recipe


  • 250 ml of 70% medical alcohol
  • 10 aspirin tablets (300mg)

How to make:

Crush the pills until they become powder-like. Pour the alcohol over them and let them stand still for 2 days.

How to use:

Every night shake the tincture and soak a piece of gauze in it. Place the coating onto your heel, clavus or feet, put a plastic bag over it and put on cotton socks. The next morning you should wash the affected area(s), using water, dry it and moisten it with some greasy feet cream.

Your feet will be completely clean after only 10 days of using this treatment.

In the meantime, you can clean your feet with a brush or heel-stone and apply feet-cream afterwards.

You can also use this tincture to treat painful areas caused by varicose veins. The pain will be gone immediately after you apply the previously explained remedy.


Source: healthyliving24

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