5 Minutes Treatment For Reducing Eye Puffiness


Are you scared of what you see in the mirror after you wake up in the morning? Maybe you need a little help to get rid of that horrible bags under the eyes.

As we get older, our skin loses its support structure and the muscles around the eyes become weaker. Because the skin is thin, this causes it to drop.


Also the fat stored around the eye sockets may fall in the area, thus making it look swollen.  The parts under the eyes are the main place for fluid accumulation, which leads to puffy look.


In the first place you need to reduce the salt intake, and make sure you are well hydrated.

Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine can motivate your body to hold the fluid, which leads to the morning dark circles around eyes.

A mixture of olive oil and lemon can resolve the problem; Drink it in the morning before breakfast, and you will see the effect after a month. Also it will clean your liver and eliminate toxins from the body.


Source: timeforhealthyfood

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Written by Martin

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