Why Frozen Lemons Are Healthier Then Regular?


Lemons are the healthiest fruits in the world. Many studies have been conducted in the last fifty years examining the benefits of lemons over cancer and they all came to conclusion that it is indeed effective. What is more important about lemons is that they attack only the cancer cells leaving the healthy cells unaffected. Luckily these are not the only benefits from lemons they also relax your body and help you fight anxiety and stress.


Many people including me consume only juice throwing away the lemon peel which has many healthy compounds and is even healthier than the juice.

These are the reasons why you should freeze lemons:

1. Lemons will make every food tasty.

Start adding it to your meals and you will notice how incredibly fresh they will taste.

2. You can prepare easily your breakfast by practicing this.

You can great the whole lemon together with the peel and add it in that way in your salad, soup, ice cream or whatever you have for breakfast.

3. Freezing lemons is one way to assure you always have this fruit in stock.

4. Reap all the health benefits of lemon.

By freezing lemons you will make sure that your body will receive all the benefits from this incredible fruits. The peel will free your body from toxins and in that way improve your health.

The following are some things on which you should pay attention when you are freezing lemons:

  • Try to find organic lemons.
  • Place the lemons in freezer bag, remove the air and seal well.
  • Buy lemons without dark spots on them.
  • Wash them well under running water.

Before consuming the lemons take them out of the freezer and place them in cold water for 15 minutes.

Notice: After you take out the lemon from the fridge, it will become very squashy and unsuitable for slicing and decorating.


Source: healthylifebase

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Written by Martin

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