Make Your Hair Grow Faster Whit This Simple Homemade Recipe


If you care about your hair you’ve got to try this shampoo that will regenerate your hair and make it shinier!

Hair is what makes women more feminine and accentuate their beauty.

However, due to improper hair care loaded with chemical treatments, such as hair dying, perm, even hair drying and wearing a ponytail the hair will get damaged and brittle as well.


When combining the abovementioned things with daily stress and body changes you are bound to lose your hair.

In order to avoid this phenomenon make a shampoo by yourself that will be 100% effective. After a few hair washings you’ll notice a difference. The hair will be straightened and less likely to fall out. After 2 months of usage you hair will become more voluminous.


  • 30 ml of AD drops
  • 2 ampoules of B vitamins
  • 50 ml of castor oil
  • 1l of nettle shampoo
  • 100 ml of panthenol drops
  • 30 ml of nettle drops

How to make:
Add the panthenol drops, nettle drops, AD drops and castor oil in a 750 ml nettle shampoo bottle. This incredible shampoo is really a vitamin bomb for your hair and scalp.

Nettle is useful for improving the peripheral blood flow of the scalp. It speeds up the skin’s regeneration process and ultimately its metabolism.

All shampoo’s ingredients are easily absorbed by the scalp.


Source: healthadvisorgroup

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Written by Martin

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