How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy


Feeling concern towards the struggles of others is known as sympathy. Empathy however, is the ability to identify with the person’s emotions.  Being able to relate to another person’s feelings is what being an empathizer is all about.

By being receptive towards the struggle and hardships around them, empathizers tend to absorb these negative feelings. Too much of these negative feelings will render the empathizer unable to function.


It is important for you to protect yourself against an extremely negative person. This is because the external negativity can pierce through you, and affect your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Protect Yourself Against Other People’s Negativity!

1. Rekindle your connections with Mother Nature

You should allow yourself some time to tune out, and take a breather from everyone else. Time to yourself, whether it is a weekend, an afternoon or an hour for yourself can allow you to tune out the chaotic energies. By deep breaths and meditation, you can allow the fresh oxygen to fill your spirits. Notice the natural worlds for its simplicity, where plants, animals and the earth coexist peacefully. In doing so, you will be rejuvenated, and have less tendency in being receptive to negative energy.

2. Accept the fact that you cannot please everybody

You don’t have to take things too personally, or try to make people like you. Someone is going to complain, gossip about you, or talk down to you. By focusing on the negativity, you are making yourself emotionally and energetically dependent on their opinion. This will pull you deeper into their field of negativity.

Exhibiting love towards yourself creates a forcefield which protects you from being drained by another negative person. Every person has different experiences, personalities, likes and dislikes, so disagreement is bound to happen. You have to show compassion towards yourself, and accept that you won’t be liked by everyone, and that is fine!

3. Be comfortable with the word ‘No’

Here’s a scenario. What happens if a guest comes into your home without wiping his shoe, dirtying your carpet with mud? Would you inform him to ensure his shoes are clean before he enters? There are situations where a guest self-invites himself for dinner and overstays his welcome. Sometimes, he would insist that to postpone the trip, he’d like to spend the night at your place, without your inviting him.

These are examples of freeloaders or naysayers who are taking advantage of your generosity. You have to set the boundaries, so that these people will know where the limit is!

It is important that you think carefully about the kind of people you allow in your life. People should be aware of the clear standards about what you expect, before you allow them within your boundaries. It is said the sacred temples encompass your body, space and personal time.

4. Do not feed the monster

It is normal to invest in a person who has problems. It may even seem sensible at first. However, these people who constantly have problems are like parasites. They extract the attentions of you, like an emotional vampire, making you feel lethargic and tired. They want to remain the victim, and their unsatisfied thirst for your attention will be never ending.

You have to realize that your efforts to listen or help, start becoming useless when they frequently call on you, and demand your attention. Their many problems will never be resolved, because they crave the attention you provide.

When you feel your fatigue growing, it is time to just sympathize with their problems, and walk away from these people. All they want is your pity. You have to realize that while they have problems, it isn’t your duty to solve them. You have every right to not indulge in their trivial issues.

5. Your happiness is by your own making

The responsibility is entirely yours, in what you let influence your thoughts and emotions. There is no other person who has a greater power over your perceptions, but yourself, unless you give away the power, by yearning their approval. It is difficult for people to affect you, when you have true confidence in yourself. Only when you start taking responsibility for your own self, you will not be influenced by others. You, and only you have the say in how you feel.

Be in control of your positivity, by making good decisions in life! By saying ‘no’ when it is feasible and avoiding negative environments, you are giving yourself the power to choose situations and experiences which boost your energies. Associate yourself with the company of people who only improves who you are.

Do it for yourself, and it will be phenomenal!


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Written by Martin

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