How To Remove Stretch Marks After Childbirth


Stretch marks are really bad looking and they often make women feel uncomfortable in their own skin. They are common thing in pregnancy since the skin stretches a lot and they appear on the stomach. Besides pregnancy genetic plays a big role and often variations in weight can be a reason for it too.


There are various creams and expensive treatments that promise to make the stretches disappear. Unluckily not everyone can afford these to himself and they might not have the promised effect.

There is an interesting treatment that won`t cost you a lot and at the same time will help you much. Some ladies that had tried out this formula from their own experience claim that it really works. They said that although the stretch marks are still present they are not as visible as before.

You are probably wondering what is it that in the nature that can help so much, well we are talking about potato juice.

Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for the skin and which help the skin cells to recover.

The Following is What you Should do:

Rub the affected area of your skin with potatoes until the skin gets entirely wet. Leave your skin like that until the skin dries on its own. In the end rinse your skin with cool water and that is all.

There is also another option for this treatment and you can do it by applying grinded potatoes on the skin every day.

You should repeat this treatment every day if you want to get the best results. It is really important that you are patient because the stretch marks are scars and they won`t disappear over the night.


Source: healthylifebase

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