This 7 Vegetables You Can Regrow Again. And Again.



We all love foods that can be regrown! This procedure can be easy at times, but sometimes, you will need to invest more efforts in order to succeed!


However, this process can be quite fun and if you have children, you can use it to illustrate the cycle of life to them. Today, we will reveal the seven vegetables which can constantly be regrown, in a simple and fast way!


All you need to do is to place some carrot tops in a dish with some water, and place the dish on a window sill or in a well- lit room.  You can add the new carrot tops to your salads.


In order to regrow your celery, you should cut off its base and put in a saucer or shallow bowl full of warm water, and keep it in the sun. In the middle of the base, new leaves will begin to grow and thicken. Then, transplant it to soil.

Scallions (green onions)

In order to regrow scallions, in a smaller glass of water, place the roots together with an inch left, and keep the glass in a well-lit room.

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In a glass of water, place basil clippings with 3 to 4-inch stems. Then, expose them to direct sunlight. As long as their roots grow to about 2 inches, you should plant them in other pots. Your new basil plant will grow soon.


Place some garlic sprouts in a glass with some water and you will regrow them. These sprouts can b added to your pasta, salads or other meals.

Bok Choy

All you need to do in order to regrow your bok choy is to place its root end in some water and in some room which is exposed to light. After one or two weeks, put the plant in a pot with soil and a new head will grow soon.

Romaine Lettuce

You need to place romaine lettuce stumps in a 1/2 inch of water, and constantly refill with water in order to maintain the same amount. The new leaves and roots will be noticed in a couple of days, so you should then transplant it into another pot with soil.


Source: healthyfoodhouse


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