Silent Killers: Over 100,000 People Die Each Year In Their Homes From These Toxic Products



New researchers revealed that scented candles, deodorants, fresheners for room, sprays who are used for freshening the air and also many other supplies products we use are toxic.


These products are known as “silent killers”, due chemicals (known as organic compounds VOC) can cause cancer. The last report revealed that these cleanng products are responsible for the deaths for nearly 100,000 people each year.

Carcinogenic Compounds in Homes

Chemicals VOC in solid or liquid condition, evaporates and pollutes the air in your home. The higher level of these compounds is known as limonene. Researches found out that limonene can become cancerous formaldehyde if they are mixed with other elements and unfortunately they can be found in many products we used in our homes.

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Researches done by Royall College of Physicians, Royall Collage of Pediatrics and Child Health of London warn the public that the public is unwittingly exposed to danger. They reported that pollution of indoor air causes death in 99, 000 cases yearly.

Dangerous Gas Leak

Evaporation or leakage of gas that comes from the installation may cause damage to the fetus, the development of the lungs and kidneys. The evaporation of this hazardous chemicals can be broadcast from fabrics, adhesives and insulation, defective water heater and some appliances in the kitchen.

Large Impact on Chronic Diseases

The home pollution can negatively affect the development of the fetus, especially the development of the lungs. It can the increase the rate of heart and brain attacks and it is also associated with asthma, dementia, obesity, and cancer.

That’s why researchers warn that the governments should introduce strict laws for discharging minimal quantities of harmful gases in the air.

The additional insulation and reduced ventilation contributes for the home pollution, which is placed due to smaller heating bills.


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