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The Russian national television recently aired a TV show about healthy living and in the show, a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist, Mark Sandomirsky, informed people that they can get rid of stress with the help of very simple technique.


The source of stress is different for every person, as well as the way that they experience it in. still, no matter the source, when the stress sets in, people grow uncomfortable and anxious, and this is often followed by feeling of heaviness and sometimes even pain in certain parts of the body.

If you want to eliminate the stress from your life, the first thing you need to do is to eliminate the negative emotions. You should not enclose them into yourself. When you do release them, you should get rid of the physical effects of the stress. This is the part where psycho-reflexology sets in. there are some anti-stress points positioned on different parts of our body and these points need to be massaged in order to get rid of the stress.

Ancient Chinese people called this point “Shen Men”, meaning, “the gate of heaven”. The “shen men” is an anti-stress point quite useful when it comes to relieving stress, improving the energy flow and improving the general health of our body.

This point is used for acupressure and when it is massaged, it reduces inflammation and the level of pain in almost all body parts. By massaging the shen men point you get rid of the stress. This point is positioned in the center of the topmost third of your ear.

  • take a cotton bud and softly press this point and massage it, breathing deeply
  • take a moment to listen to your body attentively
  • go on breathing deeply
  • while you breathe in, look at the left side, and while you breathe out, look at the right side
  • after a while, you are supposed to feel your body calming down

Extra tips:

  • make sure you only use your fingers for massaging this point
  • every time you feel under pressure and stress, start massaging this point
  • it is highly recommended that you repeat this technique every evening, right before you go to bed


Source: healthyfoodland

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