How To Clear Your Face In Just 2 Weeks?


Keeping the skin in perfect clean shape is impossible even with using a variety of lotions, tonics and other face care products. There is an old-aged method of steaming the face which many people have forgotten about it or never even heard of it.


Anita Bhoumik, one MTV Russian presenter who has perfectly healthy and clean face reminded us about this method.

In addition for opening the pores of the face, put the head under a towel over before boiled water for several minutes. Be careful because you may be exposing too much and you do not want to burn your face. Wash your face after and this after effect is much better than the usual face- washing explains Anita.

Despite all of the many products and modern technologies, the method of steaming the dace is considered as a very important method for skin care used by the old Romans. Numerous benefits are following as opening pores, improved circulation, help with the acne and skin problems.

Clean your face in two weeks by the following steps. First clean the face from dirt and make- up on your usual way. Heat the water until it starts boiling in a large metal bowl and replace the bowl after with another one. Put the face and be careful to not put it very close because it may exploit yourself to chance of burning. Take towel on your head and wash it after with cold water and apply cream.

Be always careful, if you suffer from rosacea, your skin is prone to redness or maybe you have prominent capillaries do not steam your face. Also, if you have any discomfort while steaming, stop the procedure. 
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Written by Martin

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