Over 20 Million People Suffer From THYROID And Also Ignore These SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Are FATAL!


For many of these symptoms women would think that indicate only cold or fatigue, and then would proceed with usual household activities.


But however these signs can be easily warning signs of disease, which is not easy at all.

So, what exactly is the thyroid gland?

It is located on the front of the neck and has the form of a butterfly.

When the thyroid gland works too much, produces too much hormone which can serious effects on the body. Also if it works slowly is not good as well.

  • Libido loss

Reduction of sexual desire is a common symptom in women who have thyroid disease.

  • Pain in the throat and neck

Since the thyroid gland is located in this part, it’s no wonder that this symptom may indicate that something is wrong. If you notice a swelling in the neck, see a doctor immediately!

  • Palpitations

In case of excessive secretion of hormones, it could lead to heart palpitations.

  • Loss of concentration and dizziness

If you feel like your head is not yours when you touch and often have dizziness that means that you have too much hormone in your body.

  • High blood pressure

When the gland is underactive, the pressure increases and none of medications will help.

  • Muscle pain

Too little secretion of the hormone can cause pain in the muscles and tendons even if you are not a big athletic.

  • You are constantly in a bad mood

When the thyroid gland is not working properly, it causes mood swings. It disturbs the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

It can lead to the appearance of aggression.

  • Constipation

Disturbed functioning of the thyroid gland is also affected by the slowed process of digestion, which leads to constipation and severe discharge of the organism.

  • A sudden weight gain

Hyperthyroidism (rapid gland) is often the main cause of gaining weight, even if you eat the same amount of food as usual.

  • Loss of hair and dry skin

Too little secretion of thyroid hormone can lead to drying of the skin, even though the outside it’s not cold. Due the fact that skin and hair are linked there is also damaging of the hair as well.

  • You sleep too much

If you feel that you are slow down, that could be also due thyroid. There is a decrease or complete cessation of some bodily functions, which often leads to sleepiness.

Do not ignore the pain it could cost your life!

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Source: healthadvisorgroup

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