How To Heal Blisters On Your Feet – Fast And Effective



Especially when we have new shoes, scuffing on the foot are very common and may cause uncomfortable and painful blisters on the feet. In that area, the skin remains open and exposed to many infections, and must therefore be carefully tended to heal properly.


Many factors can trigger blisters on the feet, but the most common cause are chafing. When the shoe is too tight, has protruding edges or is too new, can provoke us lesions that later transformed into blisters. It is important to keep a comfortable shoes or, in case of being new, use it at home for several days before you use them for a long time. Thus, little by little is “released” and adjusts to our foot.

The blisters in the feet by chafing are small lesions on the skin that is then encapsulated forming a bag of fluid in its interior. Our lower limbs do not rest on almost the entire day so you are exposed to these damages permanently. The risk lies in the fact that this area of exposed skin and that oozes liquids, is likely to become infected with ease. Although we maintain good hygiene in the walk same our foot may come into contact with harmful micro-organisms.

For this reason, today we can tell you how to treat the blisters on the feet in order to avoid infections and ensure that heal as quickly as possible.

Quickly heal the blisters on the feet.

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1. Cleanses.

It is essential that the blister is clean to prevent complications. Immerse the foot in warm water and rinsing with a little soap. Try not to rub the area.

2. Do drain fluid?

This is a difficult question. The specialists indicate that the blister in the feet should not be drained, but allow it to reabsorb the fluid alone. If the injury is not painful or uncomfortable, leave it in the open air for a few hours a day and will be drying alone.

However, some blisters are large in size and represent a great discomfort to the person. In this case, you can drain a little liquid, but you need to maintain extreme hygiene measures.

In the first place, disinfects a needle with alcohol. Then insert the tip in the blister and the fluid will drain little by little. The skin that form the bag of the blister is not sensitive, not will hurt. However do not touch the skin below. With a sterile gauze, removes the liquid. Now the blister is open, so you need to disinfect well. For anything in the world, remove the skin covering the blister. Dry alone.

3. Disinfects.

Drains or not the blister, you must keep it disinfected.

4. Covers.

To cover, you must use dressings or adhesive strips that do not adhere to the skin of the blister. Then disinfect well, covers the blister and repeats this process daily.

You can apply a bit of aloe vera on the skin before cover, to relieve the pain, itching and promote healing. Rub a piece from Aloe gel on the blister in the feet and then covers. In two days there will be completely healed.


Source: healthyliving24

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