Make Your Own Cannabis Oil And Fight Cancer Without Chemotherapy


We already write about ginger and how he is more powerful then chemo. Now we will present you other way to fight cancer.


Public awareness of medical marijuana use has grown considerably in recent years, especially as several states throughout the United States have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. However, a fair amount of people still do not know how marijuana can serve as a treatment for cancer.

Even replacing conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation in some cases.Find out more about the role cannabis oil plays in cancer treatment .

An Introduction to Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a highly concentrated form of the cannabis plant. Because it is so concentrated, it has extremely high levels of THC, the medicinal component of this plant.Using cannabis oil, rather than the plant in its natural form, makes it easy for cancer patients to use less and maximize benefits.

How Cannabis Oil Can Treat Cancer

Cancer is caused by the rapid growth and reproduction of cancerous cells within the body. To cure cancer and stop it from coming back, you must either kill cancer cells and all of their roots in the body, or strengthen the body to fight off cancer on its own.Cannabis oil  is a natural choice for cancer treatment because cannabinoids.

Any plants that activate cannabinoid receptors in the body—have natural anti-tumoral properties.In addition, many research studies indicate that cannabinoids can improve the overall health of the body.As you strengthen your body with cannabis oil, your body should gradually become stronger and stronger.

Allowing it to more effectively fight off these reproduction of cancer cells.

Homemade Cannabis Oil Ingredients

With the proper process and ingredients, you can create your own cannabis oil for use as a cancer treatment. These are the ingredients and items you need:

  • 1 ounce of cannabis
  • 2 gallons of a solvent of your choice, like naptha, ether, butane, alcohol, or water
  • 2 plastic buckets
  • warming device, like a dehydrator or coffee pot
  • coffee filter
  • rice cooker
  • a stick of clean, untreated wood

How to make:

Making cannabis oil can be a bit of a process, so it is important to follow these steps exactly.

  1. Add the herb to the bucket. Cover with a small amount of the solvent. Begin crushing up the herb with your stick.
  2. Gradually add solvent and continue crushing for a period of about three minutes.
  3. Pour off the solvent into the second bucket. Stir again for three minutes.
  4. Stir for one more three-minute period. Pour off the solvent/oil mixture into a bucket. Discard the wet plant material.
  5. Place a coffee filter over a large container and pour the oil mixture through it.
  6. Set your rice cooker to high and use it to boil off the solvent. Once all of the oil mixture has been reduced, add 10 drops of water.
  7. By the time it is done reducing, there should be about one inch of the oil mixture remaining.
  8. Use a coffee maker on the warm setting or a dehydrator to evaporate the remaining water and solvent from the oil mixture.
  9. Store the oil in your chosen receptacle. Many people choose to use plastic syringes.


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