This Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!


You may not know this but every problem your body experiences translates in various skin alterations and the best way of noticing this is by inspecting your face.


Chinese medicine teaches us that every area of our face is related to particular organs in our body, and our face shows when we suffer from any imbalance, most often by the occurrence of pimples, rashes and changes in the skin’s color.

Forehead: bladder and small intestine

Cause: consumption of large amounts of fats and canned food which leads to slow digestion; in addition, consuming too much sugar and alcohol, night life and stress.

Cure: raw food, large amounts of water, avoidance of alcohol and more sleep.

The portion betwenn the eyebrows: Liver

Causes: You need to keep a balance between eating and resting, thus allowing your stomach to regain its strength. Not doing that will cause you various problems, including liver affections.

Cure: Try eating healthier and fresher aliments, take long walks into nature, do yoga or fitness and all sorts of exercises that will stimulate your digestive system.

Eyebrow arch: kidneys

Cause: alcohol, smoking cigarettes, poor circulation and weakened heart.

Cure: reduction of the caffeine intake and avoidance of sweetened drinks and alcohol. Drink plenty of water instead.

Your Noses: Heart

Cause: Breathing polluted air, spending too much time in closed environments, experiencing gases and bloated stomach and having a poor circulatory system. You should also count hypertension as a major factor responsible to problems related to this area.

Cure: Try regulating the blood pressure and constantly check cholesterol levels. You should drink more organic tea which will wash the toxins from your system and combine it with plenty of physical activity.

Upper part of the cheeks: lungs

Cause: smoking, pollution and asthma. Also, symptoms may also present as dark circles around your eyes.

Cure: In case you are a smoker, quit it as soon as you can, and do not expose yourself to pollution or cigarette smoke on a daily basis. Throughout the day, find some additional activities or start exercising indoors with filtered air.

Cheeks: Kidneys and lungs

Cause: A lot of smoking, too much stress combined with an unhealthy diet and too much sugar.

Cure: Improve your eating habits and use only qualitative and trustworthy cosmetic products.

Mouth and chin: stomach

Cause: Sugar, fatty foods, and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol. This area is most impacted while using spicey foods. Moreover, stress and staying up late at night can also lead to imbalance.

Cure: Consume large amounts of fruits and foods that will balance your body. Consult your doctor if the problem continues.

Jaw and neck: Hormones

Cause: Ingesting too much salt and dehydration due to insufficient water consumption. Caffeine can also be a negative factor in this area.

Cure: Consume less salt, less seasons and reduce your caffeine intake and in the same time try drinking more water every day.


Source: healthylivinghouse

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