Danger: You May Have Fluoride Poisoning From Drinking Tap Water (Here’s what to do about it)


When will people learn? It seems that every time scientists or the government tried to interfere with nature and one-up what it has done for human health, it backfires. And yet, people keep trying to find ways to use chemicals to “hack” their way to better health.One example: fluoride.


Using shoddily-done research and very little actual data, the American government made the decision that Americans needed more fluoride in their diets. The results, of course, have been disastrous.

Where is fluoride coming from?

If you are new to the fluoride debate, you may be wondering how this mineral is getting into Americans’ bodies at such an alarming rate. It is simple: the government is adding it to the water supply. Many governments at the state, county, and city level, have opted to “enhance” their water with fluoride.

This decision was made in response to research that indicated fluoride could prevent plaque and cavities, allowing for healthier teeth.Unfortunately, this research hasn’t panned out. More recent studies have indicated that tooth decay and cavities are caused by genetics, diet, and nutrient levels.

Depending on where you live in the United States, you may be drinking tap water that has between 0.7 and 1.2 mg of fluoride per liter.

This is how adults are being overdosed.

It’s easy to see how adults can quickly overdose on fluoride. Compare an adult who drinks one glass of tap water per day with an adult who drinks two liters of water every single day. Add in the water used to boil potatoes, pasta, brush teeth, make powdered drink mix, and all of the other reasons people use tap water every day.

It is extremely easy for an adult to quickly reach toxic levels of fluoride consumption.The results of fluoride overdose are wide and varied. Fluorosis Is the most common side effect, and it often presents as striping on the teeth. This can be especially embarrassing for children and teens, who worried that their striping teeth may make it look like they have dirty teeth.

The long-term effects can be much more insidious. Flouride has been linked to decreased focus, poor concentration, mental fog, bone damage, chronic fatigue, and osteoporosis. These side effects can impact your mental functioning, your physical strength, and even your lifespan.

Here’s what you can do.

Though you can advocate to have fluoride removed from your local water supply, keep in mind that this can be a fairly lengthy process. It is definitely worth it, but you should plan on spending quite a bit of time fighting against the money that the fluoride industry has thrown into the fight.

In the meantime, you have to protect yourself from the toxic effects of fluoride. Drink bottled water that has been bottled from natural sources, get a water filter that filters out fluoride, and ensure that your dental products do not have fluoride added to them. Someday, people will look back at the time of fluoride and wonder why it was ever acceptable for the government to experiment on its people.

Until that point, you need to stay alert and keep fluoride out of your diet.


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