Unfortunately, back pain is extremely common in the modern society, probably due to the lifestyle we lead, the jobs we do and all the other activities we regularly perform.


This issue can be extremely painful and can affect your entire life, as it limits your abilities and mobility.

Sciatica, or lower back pain, is an issue which, to speak frankly, is not easy to solve. Yet, we will reveal 7 things that you must avoid in order to alleviate the pain caused by it and eventually, solve it.

1.Stop slouching

Poor sitting posture is also one of the most common causes of this issue. Namely, the strain on the back while sitting in a slouched position excessively pressures the joints, muscles and discs, and thus, it leads to pain. In order to reduce and eliminate the pain, you need to try and sit with correct posture and maintain it.

2.Avoid focusing on diagnosis

Maybe you weren’t even aware of the fact that up to 85% of low back pain cases can be classified as “non-specific”. This signifies that the cause or source of the pain cannot be specified. As common diagnostic tests for low back pain can give a detailed image of the bones, discs and joints, there is no test which can state the root of the pain with 100% accuracy.

3.Do not try passive treatments

Unfortunately, the effects of passive treatments, which include heat, ice or ultrasound are only temporary, even though they offer relief. On the other hand, according to research, two approaches that can effectively relieve low back pain are active self-care exercise and postural correction. Therefore, visit your physical therapist to help you choose the best exercise for your specific condition.

4.Do not avoid exercise

We know that it may hurt at the beginning, but exercise is proven to be beneficial for most low back pain, and you should also be careful not to maintain a poor body posture. Exercise will keep your core muscles strong, and will boost circulation to your joints and discs.

5.Do not lift heavy things

Frequent heavy lifting is one of the major causes of low back pain. Therefore, you need to ease the load on your lower back in case you have to lift heavy things, for instance, you can use special equipment (or an extra set of hands). Otherwise, avoid doing it.

6.Repetitive bending

If you frequently bend forward, it may also be the root of your back problems. Namely, you increase the pressure on the discs in the back, and thus cause muscle aches and pains. Hence, you need to limit your forward bending. Also, make sure you perform low back exercises. These exercises will help you offset this habit, as they focus on the opposite, backward bending.


Source: thescienceofeating


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