Silent Killer in Your Kitchen Worse Than Soft Drinks and Alcohol



The latest health threat comes from chemically treated spices available on the market. The real danger is the fact that consumers know hardly anything about this.


How is this possible?

This is a result of the production, storage and distribution process of a product. In fact, the product is highly processed during all three stages. Spice manufacturers normally use ethylene oxide to extract as many delicious ingredients as possible from foods.


The truth is, ethylene oxide has proved extremely dangerous to mice used in lab trials. To be more specific, this dangerous chemical can cause cancer and other genetic mutations.

If this chemical is used in smaller quantities, it causes brain and nerve damage, depression and other health issues.

Nevertheless, this preliminary study requires further research because the evidence is inconclusive.

Until there’s more information available for consumers, it’s highly recommended to always check the spice origin as well as to use spices only in moderate amounts.

Last, but not least, your safest option is to buy organic spices because they have no fillers, synthetic dyes, flavors or preservatives, and are easily available at healthy food stores.


Source: healthyfoodteam

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